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Electronic cigarette manufacturers are constantly promising improved performance, more authentic taste and better value for money from their products, but rarely do these improvements quite live up to what is promised. Until now that is.



Sunrise pro is the complete package


Sunrise Pro

The Sunrise Pro electronic cigarette offers a brilliant overall package that really delivers on taste and the quality of components it uses. Amazingly it is available less than half the price of some of its more established competitors.


Smokers in the UK are becoming more aware of the benefits of using electronic cigarettes to reduce their exposure harmful tobacco and other toxins found in regular cigarettes.


Many will have tried electronic cigarettes already and been impressed with the cost savings that can be made as well as obvious health benefits. But as the market grows, so the competition between manufactures increases and (hopefully) the quality increases as well.


Well I'm happy to report that this is the case with the Sunrise Pro. The starter package contains everything you need, such as the atomizer, battery and nicotine cartridges. The actual unit itself comes in two colours, black and platinum and is just a lttle bigger than a regular cigarette. Its well put together and feels good to the touch.


With electronic cigarettes being used daily they must offer a certain level of build quality and this model seemed to offer that. Another impressive feature of the sunrise pro is that fact that while it remains the same size and weight of a regular electronic cigarette, it battery's offers twice the power of other cigarettes we have encountered. This not only helps with battery life (over 35 hours use on a single charge), but also helps improve the whole overall 'smoking' experience.


Refill cartridges are currently available in three flavours, medium nicotine, high nicotine and chocolate flavour. Again the Sunrise Pro comes up with a pleasant surprise as 10 cartridges are available at a very competitive £5.99. Usually one cartridge lasts the equivalent of 20-30 regular cigarettes, which means that for just under £6 smokers of the Sunrise Pro can have the equivalent of 200-300 tobacco cigarettes.


Overal the Sunrise Pro delivers on all counts. It offers a great looking device that provides a satisfying 'smoking' experience while offering great value for money.



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